REITs Capital Structure analysis 

REITs must pay out 90% of their taxable income to shareholders annually in the form of dividends. In practice, most REITs distribute 100% of their taxable income to avoid paying corporate-level income tax. As a result, REITs rely on Debt and Equity financing for...

Calculate REIT’s Intrinsic Value using DCF model in 5 steps

In this blog post, we are going to talk about calculating REIT’s current intrinsic value using these 5 steps: Calculate WACC. Calculate the present value of Free Cash Flows during the explicit forecast period. Forecast an estimate of the terminal value Find the Trust’s Enterprise Value Calculate...

Could Data Center REITs be the most attractive REITs investment for the years to come?

The significance of Data Centers cannot be understated. They housed the infrastructure of the digital age. I have written another article that highlights important points of Data Centers. In this blog post, we are going to discuss why data center REITs could be the best...

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Is crypto Dead 2023?

In 2021~2022 we saw the astronomic rise and fall of NFT, as evident from any online volume and sales tracker.  Source: NFT was marketed as a “collectible”, “art” and a “game mechanic that allows you to earn money” …which personally I don’t understand even during...

Google advertisement lost dominance, So investors what now?

On 13 Dec 2022, insider intelligence reported that Google and META have been losing market share in the “US digital Ads” space. The “US digital Ads Space” is estimated to be a USD345 billion industry. From the days of old, this industry was widely considered...

SPY, QQQ ,and  DOW performance against  2022 high interest rate environment?

How does the FOMC interest rate announcement affect the overall stock market? source: yahoo finance On 14 Dec 2022, the fed announced an increase in the interest rate by 50bps from 4% in November to 4.5%. This federal fund rate(interest rate) increment was expected according to...