Smart Money Movement: Bill Ackman’s trades from 2021 to 2022.

Disclaimer: Please do not blindly follow these guru trades, do your own research. The information written here is accurate to the best of my knowledge! Any Mistake made is genuinely unintentional

Bill Ackman Trades of From leading up to 2021-2022.

Out of this list, Bill Ackman has sold out on the following 3 stocks in 2022,


Ackman Bought 3109965 shares of Netflix in march of 2022, then sold out just 3 months later.

Domino’s Pizza Inc

First bought Domino’s in march of 2021, sold out 16 months later in July of 2022.

 Starbucks Corporation

On December 2020, Bill reduce his Starbucks exposure to 10070042, just 3 months later in march 2021 he completely sold out of his position.