Starting Life with a low salary

Hi everyone, I am starting this financial journal series to document my financial plan. The goal is to improve my financial standing and Quality of life.Income Profile

Career Salary

I graduated from University with a low Cap(cumulative GPA), due to an unexpected/precarious life situation that severely hindered my ability to study. I am just thankful I have a corporate job. 

My goal is to learn as much as possible and actively seek out better opportunities within the company.

Side hustle 

Start a Blog

In order to build wealth, I need to fix my income problem. There are many monetisable avenues with blogging. But the first step is to build a sizable audience(Page Views).


With an outstanding $4.3k owed for dental work, I have an agreement with the clinic to service my payment amounting to $600/bi-monthly; While I continued to receive treatment/consult for my Invisalign every two months.

Student loan $20k owed to Central Provident Fund(CPF) with a running 3.5% P.A(accrued interest). In the high-interest rate environment, Stocks aren’t performing & short-term 6 months bonds aren’t yielding 3.5% after fees. I have decided to aggressively service my loan. Contributing $2k or 71% of my net income each month to pay it off.

My plan to service my debt

Disclaimer, I am fully aware of the opportunity cost of not piling up cash to “buy the dip” when stock valuations are depressed. When the bullish sediment takes form, stock prices would bounce back with a fury. However, I would like to apply Dave Ramsey’s baby steps & keep my finances simple. My plan is to aggressively pay off all my debts in the next 10 months. By July 2023, I would be debt free with my current income (Provided nothing drastic happens).